New Honda Quick Release Lets You Run Multiple Tools Off The Same Engine

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When I had a lawn, I didn’t used to bother mowing it because the grass just kept growing back. But for those of you who are into your property management, and have a bunch of little gas-powered lawn care tools taking up space, the Honda VersAttach actually looks kind of sweet.

Since I bet you’ll spend more time looking at the picture above than reading these words, I probably don’t need to bother explaining what’s going on with this thing. But I will anyway.

Those little toys-on-sticks are an edger, line trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer, pruner and cultivator. Basically; stuff to cut your bushes and make your lawn look nice. With power!


That would be a Honda GX25 Mini 4-Stoke engine (upgradable to the slightly more powerful GX35) with a twist-and-click quick connect system Honda’s creatively called “SureLoc.”

The little engines are supposed to be able to operate at any angle thanks to an oil-immersed timing belt and overhead-cam. Being a 4-stroke, users won’t have to premix gasoline and oil. The little mill should also be quieter and more efficient than an equivalent 2-stroke.

Doesn’t look like you’ll get much backward compatibility with this, but I bet Honda will come out with more attachments to fit the connectors on these engines. This rig is being launched right now, and you can probably pick one up at hardware and landscaping suppliers soon.

Having power-assisted tools is awesome, but when you’ve got a lot of them it can be a pain in the butt to maintain so many engines. A modular application for small-motor jobs seems like the ideal way to go. Now if only they could combine this with a snowblower and a pushable lawn mower. How hard could it be?


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This isn’t exactly a new thing. Ryobi had something like this at least 15 years ago. My dad had a trimmer that had a quick disconnect thing in the middle, so the trimmer end could be removed, and replaced with some other attachment. We never had any of the other attachments, but they definitely existed.