Shocking Video Shows A Dragster Shake Its Driver's Head Like A Rag Doll

This kind of shake has killed before.

The unnamed driver in this video, shot over the weekend at Helling’s Mud Park, was very much dazed by this run. You can see her drop her head after the car bounces her head like a pinball between the roll cage’s side supports.


The video also shows the driver after her run, struggling to even stand up straight. “I couldn’t get out,” she tells another person checking up on her, laid down by her car. “I couldn’t go anymore.”

This kind of violent side-to-side shaking, as one of the commenters on the video notes, can be deadly. In 2007, drag racer Eric Medlen was killed by his funny car when a tire shake threw him side-to-side into his roll bars enough to knock him unconscious. He crashed, was hospitalized, and passed away four days later of head trauma.

In motorsports, sometimes even the safety equipment can kill you.


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