How On Earth Did This Truck Stick The Landing Of This Unbelievable Jump?

Matt Brabham certainly got knocked around a bit this weekend in his Stadium Super Truck, but nothing quite matched this incredible jump from Race 3 at the Surfers Paradise Street Circuit. How? What? Huuuuh? I don’t eve—how?

If you thought he’d surely be in for a roll after that, guess again. The side of his tire and the force of the impact going through the truck’s ultra-trick suspension somehow bounced him back upright again.


Brabham’s head may have may have been tossed around like a rag doll inside and announcers suspected that he broke something on the truck in that landing, but the shiny side of the truck was still up, so he kept on racing.

[H/T Alan Cesar via The Flying Car And Self-Preservation Society]

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