Your Dreams Of An Entire Amphibious Vehicle Lineup Might Be Coming True

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Remember that ATV that could turn into a jet ski? That’s called the Quadski and it’s made by Gibbs Technologies. Those same guys just posted videos of an amphibious motorcycle, a tricycle, some kind of quad/snowmobile hybrid, and even shots of their old water-going car I’d never seen.

Here’s the whole-crew montage:

Apparently the motorcycle (Biski), tricycle (Triski), and side-by-side (Terraquad) are still considered “concepts.” (The Quadski and Quadski XL are “real,” we rode one!)


But when we heard Gibbs had something interesting under wraps at the International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando, we were hoping we might get some treats like this.

No word back yet from Gibbs at all about specifications, pricing, or anything solid besides “on water” horsepower as reported by the company’s website. But you can see them in action right here:

The Biski, 55 horsepower on water:

The Triski, 135 horsepower on water:

And the Terraquad, 140 horsepower on water:

Gibbs has been around for over a decade, and has built quite a few vehicles you might remember from various publicity stunts and Top Gear stories. But just in case you need an excuse to watch more wheeled-things go into the water here’s what the rest of their lineup looks like:

Here’s Gibbs Aquada amphibious car looking like a scene straight out of a Saturday morning Johnny Quest cartoon:

This is the Phibian, a much more commercial or law enforcement-oriented waterborne working machine:

The Humdinga, which is more like a boat with wheels than a truck with a hull:

And of course the one you’ve probably already seen at least a few times, the Quadski:

And its elongated brother the Quadski XL:

We’ve reached out to Gibbs to find out what the deal is with their new batch of vehicles and all these videos they’ve suddenly dumped online, and we’ll update as soon as we hear back!


For now, anybody reckon they’d buy an amphibious motorcycle?


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