Domino's Will Dispatch A Fleet Of Compact Cars Turned Into Toaster Ovens

Domino’s Pizza has created their own trim level of the Chevy Spark; the “DXP.” It’s a single-seat pizza deliverymobile with an oven where the rear window was. I can smell the singed cardboard already!

The DXP is the result of a design contest hosted by Rally Fighter-creating company Local Motors. Domino’s was looking to, obviously, crowdsource the basic concept of the thing which was probably always going to be “a little car with an oven in it.”


General Motors and Roush Enterprises (yes, the guys better known for wild tuner Mustangs and do about a million other things) partnered with Domino’s to bring the thing to life and here we have it; a 2015 Spark with little pockets for sauce, ample pizza storage, and of course the warming oven.

Forget pizza delivery, I reckon you could survive a few solid days in this thing!


Joking aside it’s hard to imagine why any other companies would want to associate themselves with what may be the least nutritious and most disgusting product sold as sustenance in the United States. But what do I know about #branding, do you want to buy a piping hot Chevy Spark now or what?

100 of these machines are being dispatched to most corners of America to do the dirty work usually reserved for an employee’s ten-year-old Sentra struggling to keep the 12v “DOMINO’S” sign illuminated. (That great zinger by Jason Torchinsky.)


So if you order some tomato sauce on a disc of cardboard it just might come your way in a Spark DXP decorated in all the glory of Domino’s livery. Otherwise you can see it in action at this cute little interactive animation-site, just be warned it’s pretty much going to guzzle your entire office’s bandwidth.


Images via Domino’s

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