Moto GP Racer Involved In Controversial Crash Allegedly Assaulted By Reporters

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Moto GP racer Marc Márquez was reportedly assaulted by Italian reporters in his garage, who were allegedly mocking him for a controversial crash during the Moto GP race earlier this week.

According to the report from, citing police sources, Márquez returned from a day of dirt bike riding with his brother and father when they were approached in a garage by two Italian reporters.

The reporters allegedly approached the racer in a mocking manner, attempting to interview him sarcastically. When Marc refused to comment, the report claims the reporters broke open bottles of cava (Spanish wine) in a way mimicking the podium celebrations of a race, and also presented a mocked up trophy in the form of an erect penis and balls.


It is unclear exactly what was said, but Márquez made headlines earlier this week when he was involved in a controversial crash with fellow rider Valentino Rossi during a Moto GP race, following a claim by Rossi that Márquez was “teaming up” with another driver, Jorge Lorenzo.

As Marc and his father approached the journalists, directing them to vacate the property, the racer was allegedly attacked by the journalists grabbing and shaking him by the arm and scratching his neck.

The attackers were identified as Stefano Corti, Alessando Onnis and a cameraman, journalists for a controversial television program “Le lene,” or “The Hyenas.”


It’s unclear what charges they face, but we’ll keep you updated as we have more information.

Editors note: I allegedly added allegedly to the title.



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Justin T. Westbrook

Alls I’m sayin is, when the cops arrive, are they going to blame the guy with his family or the guy with the cock-and-balls trophy?