Spend Three Minutes Listening To A Ferrari F40 At Speed

You are very welcome.

Although Ferrari went back to twin-turbocharged V8s with the California T and this year’s 488 GTB, the 3.85 and 3.9-liter Tipo 154BB/CB engines with their sophisticated Japanese turbos can hardly produce the sort of raw power noise Iggy Pop was on about in 1973.


The F40’s Tipo F120A might be a laggy old relic compared to a modern turbo engine when you look at it from an Excel table, but it packed almost as much horsepower in 1987 as a Ferrari 430 two decades later.

That 2.9-liter V8 fed by a pair of IHI turbos providing 16 psi of boost sounds like this:

If I could pick just one, this would be it. Always.

Photo credit: Philippe Garneau via Flickr.

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