How The Nissan 240SX Has Changed In 26 Years

As this video shows, it was sideways in 1989 and it’s still sideways 26 years later.


This is the newest from Ride the Wave, showing the death heap panel basher scene of Club Loose running at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey.

Some of the best drifters in the country are in this video—that’s Formula Drift double champion Chris Forsberg in the black 240SX coupe with the low pop ups, that’s Formula Drift pro Geoff Stoneback in blue (stock) 350Z, that’s Formula drift pro Chelsea DeNofa in the black 240SX without the pop ups, and that’s hand-controls drifter Rob Parsons in the white and neon Nissan.


I’m missing many more who were there at this event, Freedom Moves, including some backwards entries and jump drifts not seen in the video.

And here’s the 1989 ‘Me And My Shadow’ video referenced in it.

Now you know why people go nuts for these old rear-drive coupes. And you also know why people are buying up so many E36 BMWs as the 240SXs all get bashed to oblivion.

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Green Mountain Car Guy

Don’t know this for sure - but the odds are pretty good. Black 240SX with full pop-ups and VT plates might be a guy by the name of Tanner Munson - who I’m pretty is known locally as the guy who SBCs all the things.