Watch This Pro Snowmobiler and Pro Snowboarder Prove Winter Doesn't Have To Suck

Winter is coming. For many of you, including my man Tyrion Lannister, this means terrible things like white walkers or not being able to ride motorcycles. Luckily, Travis Rice and Dan Adams are here to show us it doesn’t have to be all bad.

For those of you who haven’t heard the name Travis Rice before, I cannot recommend you check out his two films That’s It, That’s All and Art Of Flight strongly enough. Both films are collab efforts by a production company called Brain Farm and Red Bull Media and, while technically snowboard movies, both border on being sequels to Planet Earth. My mother, who never stops cooking or cleaning something during the holidays, plopped down on the couch with her mouth open for an hour before muttering “what is this amazingness” when I put one on while I was home for Christmas. I dare you to watch that Art Of Flight link and not become a fan.

This short film Convergence brings Rice and Brain Farm back together, and throws pro snowmobiler Dan Adams and my good friend Sinuhe Xavier into the mix. Adams is a stud on a ski, and actually helped teach Travis to snowboard when he was a kid. And Sinuhe Xavier, who’s actually written for us before, also had a hand in that awesome new Tacoma commercial that’s going around.


Anyone else looking into where they can go snowmobiling now this winter? No? Just me? On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you need me to go test one? (Yes, there is a correct answer and yes it’s 10).

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Andrew T. Maness

Sinuhe is the man, been following him on “the ‘gram” for awhile now, love his style, hope to get a chance to work with him on a project one day in the not so distant future.

On another note, have you seen Kazu’s new full part?!…