Cars! They’re so full of technology these days. It’s crazy! But sometimes that stuff just doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

Consumer Reports has been on a tear lately dinging automakers over things like infotainment systems and those new-fangled automatic transmissions with eighty billion gears. But even older cars can have weird glitches, too.

That’s our question of the day: What’s your strangest car glitch story? That can be electrical, technological, mechanical or some other weird issue you never quite figured out.

I had a few on my old WRX. The clutch was always clicking when I pushed the pedal, and every now and then the ABS/traction control/stability control would just switch off abruptly. Sometimes I’d go months without it happening, sometimes it would happen every day. I took it to four different Subaru techs, none of whom could solve the problem.

I eventually sold that car when I moved to Washington D.C. After I did, and it was right around 100,000 miles, the engine blew up and had to be replaced.


What a machine!

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