Ducati's Teaser For 'Low Speed Excitement' Makes No Sense But I'm Super Pumped For It Anyway

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Ducati still have two bikes to release that we don’t know about yet, but they’ve been teasing one with a series of videos. While both videos offer almost zero information visually, this latest had one key phrase that made my heart jump for joy.

We’ve known for quite some time that one of these two new models was an addition to the Scrambler Ducati line. From my seat in the moto universe, the obvious answer is to go slightly smaller with something in the (hopefully) 450-600 cc range. However, we live in a world where bigger is better and, with BMW’s R nineT and the new Ducati’s getting bumped to 1100, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ducati tried to go bigger to compete.

But then came the phrase, “low speed excitement.”

Now, my fear is that they’ll go too low and try and enter the 300 cc class, entry level market. This would require Ducati to build the bike to a price in order to be competitive, which I think would dilute their image too much. Let people learn on a Honda and lust after a Ducati and give us something awesome.


If you want to be further confused, check out Ducati’s x.ducati.com teaser site, which has both videos as well as place holders for two more.