God Have Mercy The Range Rover CrossCabriolet Is Going Off-Road

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Wondering if Land Rover will shill the Evoque convertible as an actual off-roader? Let yourself be baptized in the muddy puddle this hellbaby can solider through and realize; yes.

“The Evoque’s capability matches its spirit of adventure,” is one of the many soundbites you’ll be treated to if you watch the demonstration above.


More concretely we’re told the ragroof’d Evoque will have Hill Decent Control and Terrain Response just like its dirt-stomping littermates, plus about 20” (!) of water wading depth and what sounds like depth-sensing sonar tech.

I don’t know what wigs me out more, seeing Land Rover’s CrossCabriolet compared to the company’s most legendary open-air off-roaders or the idea of seeing one of these pass me while I’m bogged in a mud pile.

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