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Lots of things might sound good on paper, like tax plans, on social security reform, or bicep curl technique while wearing a suit. But when you really study them and bother to inform yourself, you realize that all of it is a terrible idea.

A lot of piddly presidential candidates weren’t included on our If Presidential Candidates Were Cars list, mostly because we don’t care, and according to the polls neither do you. But I think that original point is what RacerRyan had in mind when he suggested one more vehicle for our list of candidates:

Like the Moller Skycar, Rand Paul sounds highly appealing to a very specific and, well, let’s just say unique subset of the populace, but when you think about the Skycar for more than a few minutes, none of it makes sense. In fact, not a whole lot about flying cars in general, make sense. People can hardly drive with the training and licensing we’ve got now, so we can’t really expect them to be able to fly with it, either. Plus you’ve got all the difficulty of operating in the full three dimensions, as opposed to mostly two dimensions. Plus if your engine breaks down you’ll fall out of the sky. Plus you’d need a bigger place to park it. Plus it’d be really expensive to fuel up. Plus it’s really expensive to buy to start with. Plus...

You get the point.

RacerRyan, your nation salutes you. May you some day run for President, in which case, your nation will probably mock you, too.

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