Here Are This Week's Best Moto Instagram Accounts

You know what I do when I need to take a quick break from writing about motorcycles? I sit back and scroll through Instagram pics of motorcycles. Chances are, you do the same, so here are some accounts you should make sure you’re following.


RedSpade Racing is made up of @redspade and @mr_spade, a pair who prove that couples who ride and race together, stay together. We often complain about not having great original sportbike content or content from women who actually ride and don’t just use motorcycles as probs, and RedSpade is the perfect example of what we want to see more of.

Yve Assad is a photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. Her photos are a mix of lifestyle, motorcycle lifestyle, and motorcycle racing (primarily flat track racing). My favorite thing about her pics are how well she captures the different emotions of riders on a bike from the serious Harley guy, to the giggling girl. Plus, the world always needs more reminders about how incredible flat track racing is. You can follow her at @yveassad.


Wesley Case runs @threepence moto, a custom motorcycle shop out of Denver, Colorado. The bikes he builds are incredible, the photography is beautiful, and this guy just looks like he’s always having a good time on two wheels - which is all I want to see when scrolling through the feed. Oh, and our man Joe even makes an appearance, popping the only wheelie of his life. This account is definitely worth a deep dive.

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Top photo: Yve Assad

Shameless plug: follow me @seanmacd to keep up with the bikes we’re riding, the gear we’re using, and whatever shenanigans we’re getting in to. If you know of an account that is as incredible as the ones above and deserves a share, tag me on the IG. You sportbike dudes need to step your game up; too many of your accounts look the same, are just stolen from someone else’s feed, or are edited to look like dogshit. Do better.

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