How A Garage Built A Street-Legal Porsche Prototype

Let’s say you have a Porsche 910, one of the fastest, greatest, and loudest prototype racers of the 1960s. Lucky you! The only problem is you can only drive it on a car track. Well, unless you make it street legal, as this video demonstrates.

Back in the 1960s, prototype race cars were much more similar to ordinary road cars than they are today. Cars such as these even often raced on ordinary roads in races like the Targa Florio, held on the streets of Sicily. Here’s a picture of a 910 on the Targa Florio back in the day, so you know what this kind of insanity looked like.

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You might then think it would be easy to get a Porsche 910 to pass a street-legal type approval test. You would be wrong!


The specialty shop PS-Motorsport took three years to accomplish the task, which included such simple steps as relocating the indicator lights and changing the door locks to more involved modifications such as getting the flat six engine (donated from a later 911 3.8 RSR) to run with a catalytic converter and even lengthening the (once-crumpled) frame.

Even after all the time involved in prepping the Viper Green car for Germany’s rigorous street-legal approval test, they had to run it 15 times before they passed.

After it’s all said and done, though, you have one of the gnarliest street cars ever to touch a public road.


Worth it? Worth it.


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