When Some Of These 24 Hours Of LeMons Cars Hit 88 MPH, It's Just A Miracle

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Any jamoke can Photoshop some technobaubles onto a silver car and call it good, but it takes a real genius to build a Back to the Future-style time machine in real life and race it. That’s what these 24 Hours of LeMons competitors did with their fantastic hoopties. Behold: the best time machines in racing.


Sure, Back to the Future is one of the most beloved films of all time, and we’ve probably all grown tired of seeing #brands try to profit off our #childhood all day, given that it’s October 21, 2015—the “future” day from the film. We’re finally living in the future, folks, which means that we should definitely hoon the snot out of the beaters of our past.

While there are many LeMons racers who’ve attempted to build pseudo-DeLoreans out of everything from Supras to BMW E30s, Roadkill has a compilation of the crapcans that wore it best. Check them out over here.


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Tremec, + 1 Yugo (aka the Blugo)

Am I the only one sad that somebody used a Scirocco for a LeMons car?