What's The Most Amount Of Money That You'd Ever Spend On A Car?

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With cars, sometimes we pay for performance, quirkiness, prestige, or rarity - but we always pay. I’ve encountered plenty of people that have said “I’d never pay that much for a car,” so as a thought experiment, what’s your automotive budget hard stop?


Personally speaking, I’d say that the hard stop would be six figures, just short of the million dollar mark. Anything more and you’re going into cars that are purchased as an appreciating asset, meant to be looked at through glass between rounds of fuel varnish treatments, rubber bushing moisturizing sessions, and cloth diaper dustings. Or a Veyron - and I think Veyrons are boring.

What about all y’alls? How much is too much to pay for an automobile?

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This is probably more useful as a conversation around percentage of net worth or income. Those making $50k/year are likely going to have a different answer than those making $250k/year so it is difficult to determine what to compare.

What’s The Highest Percentage Of Your Salary That You’d Ever Spend On A Car?

Last year I spent 30% of my annual salary on a car.