The Ten Best Cars For Going Off The Grid

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Work got you down? Your project car broke again? Your significant other is always nagging you about ‘having a job’ or ‘showering?’ Perhaps it’s time to say “Screw it. I’m getting the fuck out of here!” Good call, my friend. But don’t go rogue without grabbing one of these ten vehicles.

10.) Jeep Cherokee XJ


When restricted by “limited resources”, the XJ-generation Jeep Cherokee can be an extremely valuable asset when working your way toward a freer life. It’s a hugely capable off roader, parts are easy to come by, there’s a huge aftermarket, and it probably won’t leave you stranded.

The official car of “I want to go off roading but I only have like $500.”

Suggested By: Garrett Davis, Photo Credit: Jeep via netcarshow

9.) Trailcart


Just because you’re going off the grid doesn’t mean you’re planning to travel extraneous distances. Maybe you just want to go somewhere where you know no full-sized car or truck can find you or would ever dream to venture. If you’re fit and healthy, the Trailcart could be your best tool to get away from it all.

All four of its wheels are pedal driven, there’s a hydraulic handbrake for stopping, and a set of bicycle gears to ensure you can go wherever you feel the need to, when on the run from the stress of the “system.” Just look at how much freedom that bike suit guy up there is experiencing. So much freedom!


Suggested By: 8695Beaters, Photo Credit: via Gizmodo

8.) Ford Crown Victoria P71


If you’re going off the grid, there’s no promise that you’ll be headed somewhere where you’ll need big tires and tons of ground clearance. Wouldn’t it be nice to go completely incognito and just blend in with everything until you reach your incredibly remote destination? The Ford Crown Victoria can help you do just that. It’s reliable, durable, and easy to work on if anything were to fail.

Let’s get real. It’s a P71 Crown Vic. If something’s going to go wrong, it’ll probably be something lame like a flat tire. These things are monsters!


Suggested By: Margin of Error, Photo Credit: Phillip Weston via Flickr

7.) Toyota Hilux


Ah the Toyota Hilux, better known for its appearance on Top Gear as the former team’s ride to the top of volcanoes and to the North Pole. These things are unstoppable. If this truck can handle the thrashing that those lovable baboons surely threw at it, there’s no doubt that it can handle transporting you to your secret abode.

Suggested By: Tom McParland, Photo Credit: NRMA via Flickr

6.) Jeep Wrangler


From the factory, Wranglers are pretty much only really good at doing one thing: going off road. If you’re planning your future life off the grid, chances are you’re going to want to have one of these as your trusty steed.

Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks, Photo Credit: Jeep via

5.) Sportsmobile 4x4


Sure, you could get around with a Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Hilux, but would you really want to live out of one? Didn’t think so.

That’s where Sportsmobile’s 4x4s come in. Sportsmobile takes a Ford E-350 van from the factory, overhauls the drivetrain setup into a competent 4x4 arrangement, and creates a suitable living space designed for your camping, or off the grid needs. Just be ready to drop upwards of $50,000 if you’re looking for a “lightly” used example.


Suggested By: dagibby, Photo Credit: Nick Taylor via Flickr

4.) Action Mobil 4 Axle Desert Challenger


Some people go off the grid in an attempt to lose connection to the internet, bills, family, friends, and life. But many others just do it for a change of scenery. It’s a vacation, of some kind. This quad-axled off road monster is for those people.

The Action Mobil Desert Challenger for the people who say they want to experience the “great out doors” and get away from it all, but really don’t. This thing is a rolling mansion. And by that I mean a mansion on wheels with 600 horsepower and a capacity to hold 660 gallons of fuel.


Suggested By: JamesRL, Photo Credit: Action Mobil

3.) Toyota Land Cruiser


You could take a rolling home like the Desert Challenger or Sportsmobile 4x4 with you into the wilderness and feel pretty much at home. But there’s something truly special and life-changing about taking an honest and true off roader like a ‘90s Toyota Land Cruiser and just finding your own way out in the wild. Isn’t that what going “off the grid” is all about?

Suggested By: HammerheadFistpunch, Photo Credit: Ben Schmitt via Flickr

2.) M35 2 1/2 Ton


There’s a good chance that if you’re going to be living away from civilization for a while, you’re going to want a vehicle that can run on pretty much anything. Something like the M35 2 1/2 ton. It’s not like gasoline (or diesel) comes straight out of the ground people! There aren’t too many other vehicles out there that’ll let you use kerosene, diesel, gasoline (with oil), jet fuel, or basically whatever you find to power them up.

The Deuce and a half’s military 6x6 wheel configuration and modular body is also helpful in the wild.


Suggested By: moetop, Photo Credit: AlfvanBeem via Wikipedia

1.) Wood Burning Pickup Truck


Again, what’s the point of having any sort of vehicle off the grid if you’re SOL when it comes time to fuel it? By converting your truck to run on gasified wood, your fuel supply is pretty much set as long as you’re near a forest with a chainsaw or an axe.

And you’ll never have to see that dreadful project car ever again.

Suggested By: damnthisburnershitsux, Photo Credit: KY Metro via Wikipedia

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