This Kitten-Saving Motorcyclist Breaks All Stereotypes

Most people who see a motorcyclist riding a sportbike while kitted in garish ICON gear will assume the guy riding is about to get his stunt on. This lady proves that we aren’t all as we appear.


After all of the talk in the last week about the car that hit the motorcyclist for making an illegal pass highlighted so much of the negative perception about riders, it’s really nice to see someone using the benefits of riding a motorcycle for good.

This woman, who I still can’t find reference to a name for, was out for a ride when she noticed a kitten in the middle of an intersection trying to get out of harm’s way. If you rewind the video to 0:12, you can see it appear as it must have fallen out of the underside of that red car with the white circle logo on it.


It takes her (and us) a minute, but when she finally notices the cat she parks her bike in the center of the road and carries him to safely.

The woman who saved the cat updated the YouTube video to say she’s named the cat Skidmark and is keeping him for now. She apparently found the owner of the red car, but hasn’t been able to get in touch with them yet.

Thanks for being one of the good ones lady-biker-hero, riders and kittens everywhere salute you. Here’s the Reddit thread for those of you who want to follow along with developments.

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Shane MacGowan's Teeth

Turning from the wrong lane, against the light? Going into oncoming traffic, and intentionally blocking it? I’m not saying she’s at fault, but it would be understandable if someone ran her over. She deserves to be financially ruined for life.