A bus filled with retirees on a day trip burst into flames after colliding with a logging truck in southwest France, according to the Associated Press. At least 43 people have reportedly died in the incident.

The crash occurred this morning near Puisseguin, a commune about 35 miles northeast of Bordeaux. The bus, filled primarily with members of an elderly people’s club from nearby town Petit-Palais-et-Cornemps, had just departed for a day trip when, on a narrow winding road, the timber truck and bus collided.


Both vehicles burst into flames, killing the truck driver and 42 people on the bus, including an infant. Eight people escaped with their lives, according to the BBC, four of whom remain in critical condition.

We don’t know exactly what caused the crash, but French officials are taking action to determine the cause. The BBC says this is the worst French road tragedy since a 52-fatality bus accident in 1982.


Topshot Photo Credit: AP