What's Your Drivers' Ed Horror Story?

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The very concept of drivers’ education is completely mind boggling. Take three or four of the worst, most inexperienced drivers. Give them raging teenage hormones. Now stick them in a car with an instructor who probably doesn’t care, and just wants to escape with their life.

If it wasn’t a necessary evil for the lifeblood of driving freedom, I imagine everyone would refuse to do it.

But drivers’ ed is where weird things happen. Where a 16-year-old gets a car stuck in a situation you previously thought physically impossible. Where you fear you’re constantly going to die. Where the instructor took an hour out of every four hour session (spread among four teenage idiots) to make us drive to his house, where he’d just get out of the car and walk... away, I guess. I dunno, that happened to me. We don’t know where he’d go. He wouldn’t say a word about it. Or why we stopped there. Was it even his house???


Anyways, drivers’ ed is full of weirdness, oddities, and truly terrifying situations. What’s your worst story? Leave it in the comments below – and remember, no names!

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burglar can't heart click anything

I had to do driver’s ed in a Dodge Spirit. Man those things sucked.