Mustang Driver Shoots Corvette Driver For Driving Too Slowly

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Seeing a fast car driving slowly can be irksome. I mean, what’s the point of doing 55 MPH in a car capable of so much more? Still, even if it makes you roll your eyes, chances are you don’t think it’s a capital offense. There seems to be at least one trigger-happy idiot in a Mustang who disagrees, since he reportedly shot at a Corvette driver in Georgia.

Here’s what happened, according to TV station WSB-TV: Angela Christiano and her 25-year old son were driving on Stone Mountain Highway in their yellow C6 Corvette. It’s not said how fast they were going, but they were in the center lane, which means anyone who didn’t feel like they were going fast enough could have passed them with ease.

Christiano said a black Mustang approached from behind and began following her very closely—close enough that she felt compelled to motion to the driver to pass her.


The Mustang did change lanes as if to pass, but instead of simply passing, the Mustang driver pulled alongside the Corvette and fired a gun several times into the car, striking Christiano in her back, which quite understandably caused her to lose control of her car, eventually stopping it on the right shoulder of the road.

Christiano is in the hospital, listed in serious to critical condition. The black Mustang escaped without anyone getting a license number. It’s suspected that the Mustang exited on Mountain Industrial Boulevard.


So, if anyone in Georgia sees a genuinely terrible asshole in a black Mustang, be careful, because he’s armed, crazy, and doesn’t seem to need any actual reason to shoot a person. Also, call 911.

You wouldn’t think this has to be said, but if you think someone is driving too slow, just pass them. Don’t ride their ass or, worse, shoot them. That’s very poor driving etiquette.


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