A pretty car doesn’t have to have a huge stance, crazy-aggressive design lines, or vomit-inducing colors. Unfortunately, the designers of these cars didn’t seem to get that memo. These are ten cars that most people think are pretty, but are not.

10.) Cadillac CTS Coupe

From head on, the CTS coupe is a pretty decent looking car, so what happened when Cadillac’s designers got to the rear end? With it’s huge plastic bumper cover affixed and seemingly massive rear quarter panels, the CTS Coupe’s ass-end is held up high to the sky. No one needs to see that.

Suggested By: eigentopia, Photo Credit: Cadillac via netcarshow.com

9.) Alfa Romeo Giulia


Okay, okay. Calm down! Yes, the Giulia is an incredibly striking car and every moment that it continues to be not on sale globally is a massive fuck up. But, but, just look at those massive plasticy front air intake covers and those probably unnecessary design streaks under the headlights. Look at them! They can’t really needed. fIt looks like the car has bags under its eyes, for god sakes.

Stop lying to yourselves people. It doesn’t look that great.

Suggested By: N2Skylark, Photo Credit: via Jalopnik

8.) Pagani Huayra


It seems as if wherever on the Huayra you lay your eyes, you can find an oddly placed design line. Sure, many are probably designed for aerodynamic purposes, but many also probably aren’t. It looks neat and attracts a massive crowd wherever it goes, but a different and unique look isn’t always a pretty look.

Suggested By: cdoggyd, Photo Credit: Pagani via netcarshow.com

7.) Bugatti EB110


Boxy where it shouldn’t be and curvy also where it shouldn’t be. Might even go as far as to say it looks like it was built with a bunch of legos. It may be one of the best supercars of the ‘90s, but it definitely isn’t one of the prettiest.

Suggested By: Garrett Davis, Photo Credit: Nige Brown via Flickr

6.) Ferrari 599 GTB


Look how happy it is to see you! So happy!

When are people’s minds going to start to comprehend that just because a car has a prancing horse on the front, doesn’t mean it’s a complete masterpiece! Reader The-Ever-Socially-Apathetic would be happy to show you everything they can’t stand on the 599 GTB.


Suggested By: The-Ever-Socially-Apathetic TBAL, Photo Credit: Ferrari via netcarshow.com

5.) Nissan GT-R


It’s arguably one of the best and most capable cars to have come out of Eastern Asia in the past decade, but it’s also huge! Ever see one of these in person? If anything’s “super” about this supercar, it’s its massive size.

Not to mention the design clashing. Someone please tell me what’s going on with those rippled lines around the DRLs and those huge boxy fenders up front. Hey, box fenders are great, just maybe not on the modern day GT-R.

Suggested By: Jcarr, Photo Credit: Nissan

4.)Ferrari F50


The F50 was a great car that never truly got the love it deserved. Just don’t look at its face for too long, that catfish-like face might make you go blind.

Suggested By: BionicPhil, Photo Credit: Ben via Flickr

3.) Lamborghini Veneno


Sharp angles! Lines everywhere! Big Spoiler! Roof scoop! Huge headlights! Massive rear diffuser! Red pin striping! No. Please god no. This is not what makes a car pretty.

Different? Sure. Pretty? No.

Suggested By: K-Roll, Photo Credit: Noebu via Wikipedia

2.) Morgan Aero 8


Yeah, you’re seeing that picture correctly. That damn car has crooked headlights! Oh, and its multiple swoopy design lines and its retro tasteless chrome grill don’t help either. At least they tried to fix it later on down the line, but yikes.

Suggested By: Vin, Photo Credit: Morgan via Jalopnik

1.) Bugatti Veyron


When first released, the Veyron was an engineering marvel. There was truly nothing like it. Now? It’s huge, disproportional, outdated, and hard to look at.

Absolutely nothing to see here folks, please keep it moving.

Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Bugatti via netcarshow.com

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Top Photo Credit: Bugatti via netcarshow.com