Jon Olsson’s Crazy Audi RS6 DTM Was Stolen And Burned To The Ground After An Armed Robbery

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Remember earlier this year when we told you about professional skier Jon Olsson’s super awesome Audi RS6 Avant? Well, we’ve got some bad news. Following a truly bizarre series of events, that car is now a fiery heap of ashes, and it’s not because someone crashed it.

According to Car Throttle, Olsson’s former car (now owned by Douwe Leitner) was stolen during an armed robbery at a gas station in the Netherlands, and found a few hours later on fire in a parking complex.


Here’s the Netherlands’ Telegraaf on the incident:

Two armed criminals robbed the expensive car late Wednesday night when filming a promotional video, as the camera people at a gas station in Amsterdam-East the Go Pro cameras were hanged. The pair threatened the cameraman and the owner of the vehicle, which at that time was in the car, and then went there with great speed off. “The car was not a track and trace system to track the car directly,” said Douwe Leitner, the owner of the car.


The keys to the custom car were still in Leitner’s pocket, meaning that once the criminals turned it off, they couldn’t start it again.

The RS6 was later found abandoned in a parking complex. On fire. Presumably, once they realized they couldn’t start the car again, they decided to cut their losses and just torch it.


Not cool, right? Seriously not cool.

[via Car Throttle]

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