Jon Olsson consistently creates the most ridiculous all-weather machines on the planet. The skier-slash-designer has thrown a box on top of a modified Audi R8, a Lamborghini Gallardo, and now another RS6 that's been DTMified and boosted to nearly 1,000 horsepower.

Olsson started the project by tapping Leif Tufvesson at Caresto – the former chief engineer at Koenigsegg – to make a DTM tribute out of his RS6 Avant, including ordering "100 meters of special 4X4 carbon fiber from the same factory that delivers the carbon to Pagani."


After the body work was sorted, Stertman Motorsport was tasked with blending batshit power with daily usability. The suspension was swapped with Intrax bits and a Motiv big brake kit was fitted, while a Milltek Sport exhaust was bolted underneath. Then things got nuts:

The car now has a STM Stage 3+ kit including super custom 18 karat gold anodized TTE9XX turbo chargers from The Turbo Engineers that should be good for 950hp on pump gas, so with a little race gas we could push the 1000 mark.


The cherry on top is a custom ski box from 56Nord, because why make something this intense and then slap an ugly piece of plastic on the roof? Yes, it's carbon fiber, and Olsson claims it can fit more than enough gear despite its slim design.


Olsson is promising "some crazy videos" in the coming weeks, and he's already set the bar pretty damn high.

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