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Jon Olsson's New Ski Lift Is A Black-On-Black-On-Black Audi R8

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Swedish freestyle skier Jon Olsson has got himself another four-wheel-drive supercar, but this time it's not a Lamborghini. Or, well, not really Lamborghini. It's a carbon fiber-widebody Audi R8 tuned by PPI with a look as black as Tara Reid's lungs. And you thought your Subaru was the ultimate all-weather machine.


Olsson tells us on his blog that he just wanted a "nice little quick pimp." He ended up with a PPI Razor with upgrades from StaSIS engineering. That works out to 710 horsepower and something around 3,000 pounds. Those are ADV1 wheels like on this lightning-powered Murcielago.


Some would say that Olsson's coolest cars are his Murci and Gallardo, but our personal favorites are his junkyard-ready hoonmobiles.

You can see more pictures of Olsson's new ride on his blog.

(Hat tip to Rufus760!)