Watch Jon Olsson Drift An Insane Supercar Up A Ski Slope

Freestyle skiing champion and occasional Audi/Red Bull/Betsafe billboard Jon Olsson jumped into his 600+ horsepower Rebellion R2K for a ride up a ski slope. Another busy day at the office.


The car was designed by a former Koenigsegg employee and is based on a highly modified Ultima GTR chassis with Ohlins suspension and ADV1 wheels, powered by a Lamborghini Gallardo engine and gearbox.

Rumor has it you can turn it up to a 1,000 horsepower, but Jon clearly didn't need more than 600 on snow during this stunt being filmed in Storlien, Sweden.

Why? I guess because racecar.

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i'm not sure that qualifies as a supercar. doesnt look road legal...