Chris Harris on Bikes? With The New Ducati Scrambler

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Chris Harris is a man most notable for his video reviews of cars. He recently bought into the experience of motorcycle ownership, subsequently promising to never begin reviewing the machines. Well, here is Chris Harris in video on the new Ducati Scrambler - a motorcycle.

To be fair, he does proclaim it to be his first and last video essay on the topic of motorcycles. You probably shouldn’t assume that’s a firm proclamation - not that we would have any issue with him continuing.

I’m completely unqualified to tell you what this bike is like.

It’s a lifestyle product. And you know what? I probably perfectly reflect the demographic of the slightly sad middle class loser who fancies expressing himself on two wheels that will buy one of these things.


And there’s nothing to be ashamed of in that.

As he has recently sold a Ferrari in favor of purchasing a Ducati Monster I’m not entirely sure how he defines “middle class loser,” but he does seem to intend to write about his bike ownership over on Pistonheads.

Welcome to the club, Mr. Harris.

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That’s the thing about the British class system...anyone between “13th generation chimney sweep” and “13th generation Earl of All He Surveys” counts as “middle class”. If you didn’t inherit a title from your parents, no matter how much money you have, you’re not counted as upper class. Jeremy Clarkson is still considered middle class. Let that sink in.