Ludacris Is Getting His Favorite Car Restored: A 1993 Acura Legend

You might remember Christopher Brian “Ludacris” Bridges as the best haircut in the early Fast & Furious franchise. He’s also a famous rapper and who apparently keeps it real in a 1993 Acura Legend which just got wrecked. Don’t worry! Good Guy Acura will bring it back to life.


But seriously, Ludacris is calling the Legend his favorite car and after being in what looks like enough of an accident to total the 22-year-old near-luxury sedan Acura’s Global Creative Director Dave Marek will personally oversee the car’s restoration just in time for the SEMA aftermarket show next month.

Luda’ wants somebody to take his repair seriously, Acura needs any excuse to get a little youth-marketing edge in, everybody wins! In case you were questioning the legitimacy of how much the rapper digs his mid-sized Japanese sedan, here it is on the cover of Ludaversal, his ninth album which came out a few months ago.

Marek says “Working with a real car guy and a passionate Acura owner like Ludacris has made the processes of bringing his Legend back to its original glory a fun and unique experience. We wanted to put our own stamp on the Legend while retaining the essence of the original that Ludacris has worked so hard to maintain over the years and we look forward to unveiling the sedan for the first time at the SEMA Show.”


The idea that a famous and wealthy rapper has been actively preserving an ancient and generally unremarkable car is totally dope. I’m a little less excited about Acura feeling obligated to work some in-dash TVs or quilted leather into this thing, but it’s great that the car’s being spared from the scrap yard.

Apparently build updates will be going up on @Acura and @Ludacris’s social media channels under #LegendaryDuo [sigh] so you can check in with them there until the thing’s trotted out at the SEMA show in early November.


If you think this whole thing sounds familiar, you’re remembering that Redskins running back Alfred Morris had a similar resurrection performed on his beloved Mazda 626 two years ago.


Image via 2Fast 2Furious

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