What happens when the track goes cold at Talladega? Parties. Everywhere. Even the drivers get into it with massive trailers along Talladega Boulevard. Iā€™ve never been to ā€˜Dega in person, but this run-through of party central that NBC Sports did with Austin Dillon certainly makes me wish I was there.

Music! Campfires! Giant Mardi Gras necklaces! Some dude in a Gumby suit!

I mean, this whole scene puts every ridiculous college party Iā€™ve ever witnessed to shame in sheer size alone. Everything about this is crazy and good.

This, ladies ā€˜nā€™ germs, is the true meaning of a race weekend. Yes, youā€™re all there for the cars, but the races ultimately serve as a gathering point around which you and your fellow automobile enthusiast may commune in joy and peace.

In other words, party hard with a vengeance.

Just go easy on yourself, ā€˜k? As Dillon sort of alludes to, nothing sounds worse than trying to watch mad roaring NASCAR V8s with a hangover.


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