What's The Crappiest Car On Craigslist Right Now?

Crappy cars are awesome. There’s nothing like beating on a car and not having to worry getting dents or scratches in the body. It’s freeing, in a way. But sometimes you come across cars that are a bit too crappy. Like fear-for-your-life crappy. We want you to show us some of these shit-boxes.

A few weeks ago, I bought what I thought to be the most structurally compromised car known to man. Rotted floorboards? Check. Huge dent in the B-pillar? Check. Heavy use of duct-tape, glue and sheetmetal screws? You bet.


But then I came across the hunk of junk in the topshot and realized that there are some damn crappy cars on Craigslist and that my $600 Moab XJ is probably not that bad. So here’s the question of the day: What is the crappiest road-worthy car (i.e. not a parts car) you can find on Craigslist right now?

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