Volkswagen Wiped Diesels From Their U.S. Website

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Volkswagen is in some deep stuff right now. So deep, in fact, that they just deleted diesels from their website.


Volkswagen’s turmoil is pretty serious right now. We writers came up with the silly “Dieselgate” name, and lets be honest, anytime the media slaps “gate” at the end of anything, you know there’s trouble.

If you open up VW’s website, you’ll find nary a mention of diesels and you won’t find most their questionable TDIs on their car configurator (the Touareg TDI is the only one left)—crazy considering how just a month ago VW was touting their diesels as the second coming.

On one hand, since you can’t buy one, it makes sense that you can’t configure one. But on the other hand, many automakers offer configurators for vehicles not yet on the market. Volkswagen’s diesels will come back at some point, so why delete them from the website?

Either Volkswagen has no ballpark idea of when diesels will make a comeback, or it’s just going to be a really long time from now.


Flavien Vidal

As a deeply anti-diesel person, I honestly applaud the US for actually doing something against this huge lie that Diesel has always been... I’ve been fighting Diesel for many year and this is the right thing to do...

Keep in mind the average car in France is 8 years old and this is how Paris looks like when it gets a bit hot. It’s bad to the point that traffic as to be cut in half by-law to make the city breathable again.

Don’t fall for this clean diesel crap america and kee in mind that as a an asthmatic, I had less breathing trouble in the middle of rush hour around LA, than while walking around Place de la Concorde in the middle of the summer. Diesel has always been what it is: crap.