Jaguar-Land Rover's SPECTRE Vehicles Are Fantastic, Even At Only 30 MPH

Nine days. Nine days until SPECTRE, the 24th Bond film, is released stateside and we finally get to see the Aston Martin DB10, Jaguar C-X75, Land Rover Defender “Bigfoot” and the Range Rover Sport SVR in glorious action.

The awesome guys over at XCAR got to drive Jaguar - Land Rover’s SPECTRE cars, again, because they like to torment me daily with all of their exposure to James Bond’s bad ass vehicles.

The C-X75 shown here is one of the five original hybrid drive-train prototypes developed back in 2012, when Jaguar was considering going head to head with the Holy Trinity of hybrid-hyper-cars. There rest of the five total Jags in SEPCTRE used a V8 power train, and were built by Williams Advanced Engineering. We got a special peek at their work last month.


The Land Rover “Bigfoot” models were developed by JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations team, who also helped design the Range Rover Sport SVR. The RR Sport SVR is the only main vehicle in SPECTRE you can actually buy for yourself, however, as Jaguar continues to refuse producing any form of the C-X75, and Land Rover are killing the Defender as we know it. Aston Martin only planned the ten DB10s used for filming, as well, so SVR it is.

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As for the film itself - I’ve been waiting semi-patiently since December 2012 for this film to release. I followed its production day by day, and it drives me nuts knowing film is already released over in Europe.


From what I gather from the early reviews, I won’t be disappointed. My body is ready. (And it means all this Bond coverage will die down a little bit. Only a little bit.)



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I don’t care what powertrain Jaguar puts in it... the C-X75 should have gone into production! Hell, offer all three powetrains.. the existing 5.0 v8 on the lower end of the price scale, the crazy twincharged 4 in the middle, and the hybrid turbine insanity at the top. DO IT JAGUAR!! DO IT !!