Alpha-N, a tuning shop out of Germany has just shown the world their plans for the recently unveiled BMW M2. And damn do those plans look good.

Though just renders and numbers for the moment, Alpha-N foresees their kit adding 110 horsepower to BMW’s 380HP inline-six N55 motor by use of water-injection and an ECU tune. That’s totally M4 GTS territory, and I bet you this guy will be even lighter (faster) as well.

Oh, and how about that additional aero? Alpha-N’s M2-RS Clubsport will have a four-way adjustable spoiler in the rear, a carbon-fiber splitter up front and some more CF bits strategically splashed over the front lower intakes. Hot damn.


For suspension and rubber, the M2-RS Clubsport has an adjustable coilover setup, sitting on 19” OZ Superforgiata wheels with 245mm tires up front and 265mm tires in the rear. That should keep you planted nicely.

If you want to go full track car, a roll cage and track bucket seats will be optional with the M2-RS Clubsport.


I’ll take mine in that Java Green color, thanks.


Photo Credits: Alpha-N