Cooking Breakfast With A Hybrid Toyota Le Mans Car

Do you want to be hungry? Watch this cheating, winning Toyota TS040 Le Mans prototype cook a prettier breakfast than whatever you have in your house.

The trick of the video is that the TS040 harvests electricity from regenerative braking. Now, normally this energy ends up stored in the car’s supercapacitor and then deployed to assist its V8 engine in going fast.


Instead Toyota hooked it all up to a Rube Goldberg/Pee-wee Herman breakfast line, making coffee, toast, and eggs. It’s not clear if this setup actually uses the car to cook the breakfast or simulates is, but the stunt gets the point across.

The TS040 gets enough energy in one lap of the Le Mans circuit for 171.4 cups of coffee, 83.3 slices of toast, and 57.7 fried eggs, Toyota claims.


(Hat tip to SnapUndersteer!)

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