Here Are This Week's Best Moto Instagram Accounts

You know what I do when I need to take a quick break from writing about motorcycles? I sit back and scroll through Instagram pics of motorcycles. Chances are, you do the same, so here are some accounts you should make sure you’re following.


@TheBullitt is one of the few enthusiast blogs I’m actually a fan of, mostly because Patrick Flynn, the guy who runs it, posts a perfect blend of stuff he’s into and stuff he’s actually working on. No one does a bike porn site better than BikeEXIF, which we’ve already shared, so his imitators don’t do much for me - but The Bullitt has its own distinct taste and aesthetics and doesn’t just toss any old thing up. He’s not a “bike builder,” just an enthusiast like the rest of the world who happens to tinker with his bikes far enough to create some truly lustworthy machines. I almost bought that Hypermotard SP (bottom middle) off him, and I still go back to his page to drool over pics of it.


Ernie “Edub” Vigil is part of the Empire Stunt team, most often seen in ICON Motosports’s videos. The dude is aces at just about everything, from drifting a sportbike to mobbing a big adventure bike in the dirt. His Instagram account, @ernievigil21, is a cool blend of professional shots of his riding, behind the scenes stuff on current projects, and other wild stuff you come across when you’re a professional stunt rider. I really hope we continue to see him in longer form video content.


Finally, we have @theMightyMotor, which just happens to be the IG account of one of my other favorite motorcycle blogs. Over the past year or so, they’ve transitioned from just another (well run) moto blog to a content creating team, and both Riley Harper (who we featured previously) and I have gotten to jump in since then and help with several of their projects. Sinuhe and Shaik, the guys behind it, are some of my favorite photographers and this account always delivers the goods.

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Top photo: The Mighty Motor

Shameless plug: follow me @seanmacd to keep up with the bikes we’re riding, the gear we’re using, and whatever shenanigans we’re getting in to. If you know of an account that is as incredible as the ones above and deserves a share, tag me on the IG. You sportbike dudes need to step your game up; too many of your accounts look the same, are just stolen from someone else’s feed, or are edited to look like dogshit. Do better.

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