Four Of Floyd Mayweather's Expensive Boring Cars Burned Up In A Trailer Fire

Floyd Mayweather is a man of means, and he likes to spend his means on a collection of uninspired expensive cars he doesn’t drive. Sadly, his Rich Basic Dude car collection is down four members after last night following a trailer fire.


TMZ Sports reports a truck transporting Mayweather’s cars from Miami to Las Vegas caught fire in Phoenix early Wednesday morning. “Burned to a crisp” in the fire are were a Bentley (yawn), two Rolls-Royces (really dude?) and a custom Jeep (yeah, that’s okay.)


The website reports it’s not clear how the fire started, Arizona State Troopers say no people were harmed in the fire, which is good news.

According to other reports, Mayweather is planning on replacing the cars with a Carrera RS 2.7, a pristine Citröen DS Pallas and a Maserati Bora.

Just kidding! He’s probably going to buy more Bentleys. And maybe a Bugatti or two.

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Mister Gristle

Given his proclivities, I would have expected more than one beater.