Holy Powdered Sugar-Covered Crap, They're Really Filming Super Troopers 2

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I figured the crowdfunding campaign to make a sequel to the stoner classic cop movie Super Troopers was some kind of terrible, torturous prank. But they made more than twice their dollar goal, and here the actors are with cars and costumes filming for real!

The Boston Reddit page and a site called Sostre News are claiming Steve Lemme (“you boys like Mex-E-Coooo?”) was spotted near the Quabbin Reservoir out in Central Massachusetts. That area that looks a lot like Vermont, which would fit the last movie’s theme of the Super Troopers being Vermont State Police. (I thought they became regular cops at thend of the movie?)

Sostre also grabbed a picture of a Porsche Cayenne camera car apparently at the same spot.


Anyway, last Friday Kevin Heffernan (“Chicken fucker!”) tweeted this picture of his co-star Jay Chandrasekhar (“Who wants a mustache ride?”) with a Vermont State Police car. Since he’s not face-down with his hands behind his back, it sure looks like they’re making a movie. This may be car Ram-Rod!

I’m sorry I ever doubted this and now I’m stoked I was wrong. I went to college in Vermont, so I basically spent four years communicating exclusively with quotes from this movie.

For myself and fellow dorks, Super Troopers will be a tough act to follow. From a financial perspective it will be pretty easy though; Masslive says the original movie made $23 million when it came out in 2001. Which is terrible. The top movie that year, Harry Potter, made almost $300 million according to The Numbers.


Let the maple syrup chugging contests commence!

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