Feel The Seething Hatred The Mercedes F1 Drivers Have For Each Other In This Video

2015 World Drivers’ Champion Lewis Hamilton was especially ruthless to teammate Nico Rosberg during today’s United States Grand Prix. Hamilton pushed him wide on the first corner of the race to get in front. Needless to say, Rosberg didn’t like Hamilton tossing him the second place hat.

Rosberg has been described as “not in the mood to party” by the announcers, and it’s pretty clear why here.

The rivalry between these two goes back to as long as they’ve been teammates. They’re in the two most dominant cars on the grid, and both are excellent drivers—it’s just that Hamilton is a tiny bit better at getting an edge on his teammate.

You always want to beat your teammate the most in Formula One, and Rosberg barely lost out on the 2014 world drivers’ championship to Hamilton due to a retirement in the very last race of the season.


You can just feel the immense hatred he has for feeling like Mercedes’ second driver in almost every passive-aggressive comment he makes about Hamilton, but it’s finally spilled over into one “Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team In A Nutshell” moment here, as the two drivers prepare to go out for the podium ceremony and receive their hats.


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Pushing him wide in the first turn was a huge dick move, Nico needs to man up and start showing he isnt afraid to fight back if Hammy does crap like that. But, he only has himself to blame for losing the championship and the race, you can’t run wide on the triple apex like he did and expect to win.

But that moment did make me LOL with that hat though.