Tons Of Great Clips From So Many Races In This 1978 Documentary

I got an email from Michael Banovsky of Petrolicious with a link to what he described as a “surprisingly watchable” old doco. Somehow I ended up clicking on it and suddenly I’d consumed half an hour. Worth checking out even if you don’t speak Italian!


There’s almost every kind of racing in here, crashes, cool jackets, and even an appearance by a young Bernie Ecclestone.

Viewer’s warning though, there are some seriously graphic wrecks. Maybe preview it first before you plop your kids in front of this one.


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Declan Hackett

Sod the midget - check out the floppy-haired Luca Di Montezemolo at 49:00!

And does anyone have enough Italian to know why Basil Exposition of British Intelligence holds a briefing at 1:14:00???