You'll Finally See The 2017 Honda Ridgeline Next Month, As An Off-Road Racer

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Honda is returning to off-road racing at the Baja 1000 next month, and will bring their off-road rig to the SEMA show in a little over a week. That means we’ll finally get to peep at least a strong hint of the styling on the production 2017 Honda Ridgeline very soon.

SEMA of course is the annual aftermarket glitter-blitz in Las Vegas where everybody straps lights and tires on everything in a head-to-head battle for your attention.


The Honda Performance Development racer will be a purpose-built high-speed off-roader with long travel suspension, a complete frame-and-cage, and Honda’s HR35TT turbo V6. Obviously none of that is making it to the showroom Ridgeline.

The only thing Honda has confirmed is that the racing Ridgeline will be unveiled at SEMA and “showcase [the] design direction” of the production vehicle. So, maybe, it will have the new grille or something.

Since the prevailing rumor is that the next Ridgeline is based on the 2016 Pilot SUV, I think you can bet on the two looking very similar. I’m excited though; for Honda to be back in off-road racing on four wheels and for another honest crack at a mass-market unibody pickup. Stay tuned!


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