Listen To What Happened When This FDNY Dispatcher Retired And Try Not To Cry

Being any sort of emergency dispatcher, but especially one for the New York City Fire Department, has to be a rough job. A dispatcher known as “Eddy-O” in Queens worked on the job for 32 years, however, and he loved it. So when he tearily signed off for the last time, it was pretty sad. But then every single fire company in Queens responded.

The result is incredibly heartwarming, and it sounds like damn near all 51 firehouses in the borough responded, along with a smattering of companies from elsewhere in the city.


It’s easy to think of the people who keep us safe as the ones who ride the trucks, but in actuality there’s an entire system of people who are absolutely integral to the job.

Here’s to you, Eddy-O. Enjoy your retirement.

Photo credit: Jason Lawrence

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