This Is What It Looks Like When More Than Two Million Pounds Rumbles Down The Road

Stuff used for getting oil out of the ground is big. Really big. 946,000 kilograms (or 2,085,573.358 pounds) big. But when big things, like this this massive pressure vessel, need to be moved from where they’re built to where they need to be, sometimes the only way to get them to their final destination is by road.

Which means you need to hook up a bunch of trucks and a whole bunch of trailers, and make a road train out of it, as they did here when the pressure vessel needed to get to Fort McMurray, Alberta, in the heart of Canadian oil sands country.


How big of a party sub do you think you could fit in there? Someone do the math. This is the Lord’s work.

h/t to r/videos!

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