Yamaha is working on a robot motorcyclist that they hope will be able to beat racing legend Valentio Rossi around the track someday. But what human would want to hand over controls on a closed course with no speed limit? Surely, there are situations better suited to making a robot do the driving.

The obvious number one answer has got to be your morning commute to work. Whether youā€™ve got an office or outdoor job, millions of us have to drag our sleepy butts into a driverā€™s seat and sit in traffic from the suburbs to the city every morning.

Is this kind of the same idea as an autonomous car? Nope, because with a robot behind the wheel, you could use the HOV lane suckers!

Iā€™m already imagining more situations where a robot driver would be better than you or an autonomous car, but we want to hear your ideas now.

Image via Yamaha

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