Watch The On-Board Stream From Today's 24 Hours Of LeMons Race

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The 24 Hours of LeMons endurance series is out at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah today for the Return of the LeMonites race, and there’s an onboard view from one of the fastest cars there streaming online for your viewing pleasure.


The car you’ll go on board with is the Petty Cash Racing 1987 Jeep Cherokee, and there are also a couple of other on-board cameras to choose from. If the race name alone (“Return of the LeMonites” sounds like a movie I’d like to go see) isn’t enough to pique your interest, the series itself should be. LeMons racing is a parody of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, featuring cars costing no more than $500 and plenty of road-racing action.

Our very own Stef Schrader is out there tearing it up in a 1968 Wolseley Motors Hornet, too. She’s been posting great photos and videos on our Instagram account the whole time.

Here’s a small taste of what’s going on at Miller:


Cool cars and nice scenery — not a bad weekend. And since we can’t be there, at least we can follow along online (and with Stef!).

Photo via RaceCast 24 Hours of LeMons live stream

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Ok can I just say one more time how awesome of a build that team with the 787b/914 combo did? So nice, i hope to race w/y’all in the future!