Man Reunited With Stolen '68 Camaro After 33 Years

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After all the stolen Camaro stories, we thought we’d written our last. But now there’s a story of another owner who was reunited with his stolen Camaro after decades of grief.

What the hell is going on with early Chevrolet Camaros? Every bozo and his mother is stealing them. First there was Papa John, who we helped reunite with his 1971 1/2 Camaro in 2009. He missed his car after having to sell it 26 years prior. Then earlier this year, someone in Detroit stole it. But luckily after a few days, someone found it, and the pizza chef got his prized mullet-mobile back.

Then there was the lady from New Jersey, whose 1969 Camaro was stolen, found in 2011 and returned to her after 36 years.


We’re not kidding, the Camaro is the most stolen sports car in America!

Now, to add to the pile of early stolen Camaros, there’s Ron Reolfi from North Canton, Ohio. According to Cleveland 19 News, back when Reolfi was in college at the University of Akron in the early 80s, he bought a 1968 Camaro for 600 smackers. He and his dad spent a year fixing her up. They painted it, fixed up the interior, slapped on a new fender, and upgraded the engine.


Then, just after they had finished fixing up their 327 V8-powered muscle car, someone swiped it from the grocery store parking lot where Reolfi worked. Describing just how heartbroken he was when he saw his car missing from the parking lot, Reolfi told Cleveland 19 News: “I can remember looking at the light I parked in under, and it not being there, and being crushed... When it was first stolen, I drove around for weeks, even months trying to find it.”

But last year, Reolfi got a call from the police, telling him that they’d found his car after a buyer tried registering it in Delaware.


It took him a year to legally take ownership of his old car, but the good news is that it’s now in excellent shape.

“Someone has improved, really everything underneath the car, from the brakes to the engine.”


Glad to hear Reolfi got his baby back, and that it’s in tip-top shape.

Seriously people, stop stealing Camaros! And hopefully nobody steals my $600 car.


Topshot Photo Credit: Cleveland 19 WOIO