The Piper Cherokee Archer II Is The Ford Taurus Of The Skies

In the Regular Car Reviews finale of their seventh season “The Southern Stab,” the guys take a break from checking out cars, instead reviewing an airplane: the 1964 Piper PA-28 Cherokee Archer II.

But fret not, for Mr. Regular does his regular thing and talks more about the vehicle’s aesthetics and legacy, which is a little more fun than just a straightforward review.


The Piper Cherokee Archer II, the perfect plane to bring to your hobby-sustaining airport diner business luncheons of a bygone time.

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Seems more and more that RCR is jumping the shark. Go back and watch the originals and then watch the new ones. Everything was way darker, weirder, still informative. I don’t know. I could be wrong. I miss old Mr Regular who said really crazy shit (Like the old Tacoma review).