Ford’s chief truck communications man just coyly shared some pictures of Troller 4x4s stomping around in the Brazilian sand. To respark rumors of the Bronco’s return? Nah. Why would somebody go and do a thing like that.

Anyway that’s undoubtedly what will end up happening as my Twitter blows up with links to Four Wheeler’s Bronco “render” from last April Fool’s Day in 5, 4, 3–

Can’t really blame Mr. Levine for sharing these shots though. The Troller (owned by Ford) is such a cool looking rig. Heck I wish their media site would post pictures of it more often!

These new images are actually from a Troller spec rally in Fortaleza, Brazil. Not some kind of Ford shakedown ride testing the Troller’s viability to be ported to the US market badged as a Bronco. Though I do agree, that would be awesome.


Here’s a video of what looks like the same event from last year. If any of you speak Portuguese, maybe y’all can fill the gaps and let us know what’s happening! Pretty sure anyone can appreciate the gist though; sand, bumps, truck yeah.

The racing actually looks pretty casual. Imagine if Jeep did something like this in America, where owners could roll up and rally against each other? Or heck, Ford could do it with Raptors.

But we probably have too many rules against fun like that, just like we’ve got rules against trucks like the Troller. But who knows, even rules can change.

Click here to view this embed.

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