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NASCAR Driver Gets Hit In The Butt With Fireworks

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Austin Dillon received a surprise firework from above, as though magical sky-beasts rejected NASCAR’s pre-race show and opted to light a fire under his butt instead.

Dillon’s firesuit was charred in the mishap, but the imaginary sky-beasts that sent him the gift were clearly pleased, as he cruised to victory at Charlotte Motor Speedway last night.

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Dillon’s car was not harmed in the incident, and even showed off the charred spots on the back of his firesuit in his post-race interviews.


‘’It was like looking at a movie screen, seeing light crashing at you. It went in between the door and Austin’s butt,’’ Dillon’s crew chief Danny Stockman Jr. told Yahoo! Sports.

Either way, it’s bizarre to see a firework-and-butt mishap that wasn’t preceded by “hold my beer and watch this.” Fireworks should go up, not crash down to earth.

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