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Your eyes do not deceive you. That’s a Lamborghini Murcielago going head to head with a Lexus LFA in a professional drift battle.


The Lamborghini is fielded by Daigo Saito, with its original V12.

The Lexus is fielded by Yoichi Imamura and carries a Toyota NASCAR V8, turbocharged since you last saw it.

Here’s the video of the two going at it over the weekend at D1GP in Odaiba, Japan. The best part is the coordinated cheers for Liberty Walk, which made the widebody kit for the Lambo.


You can watch another video of the Lamborghini getting put together below.

Here’s another video of the battle, though I can’t seem to watch it here in the US.

Technically the judges at D1GP ruled that Imamura won the two-run battle, but I’d say we, the people of Earth, are the real winners.

Top Photo via Monster Energy

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